FiveM update - March 15th, 2018


fiveM doesnt launch with administrative permissions


Hi, the update broke some addons (ESX) on my server like garage, car seller… I fixed everything except one thing : Accessories shop (players can’t buy glasses/hats anymore, and when they open the menu in the shop, the camera is stuck, and the player have to disconnect/reconnect to fix that… Any idea? thank you.


Ive had this same thing happen to me, Idk how to fix it.


I mean, the answer is simple: is this a fivem problem? Nope. Is this a shitty esx problem? Yes. And esx is finally discontinued, so no one will do anything to fix it :wink:


disable your antivirus for make your update



You’re running GTAV in 800 x 600? Wow. Maybe that’s the problem xD


or maybe you should try and do ctrl + alt + delete press task manager and then close task manager and boom it loads!!! that’s what i did!


I’m having different issues as it keeps saying the cache is outdated and I verified the game 3 times now on steam whats the deal.


It didn’t work for me, what u can advice?


update ur game maybe?


i have the blue/purple screen problem also, and one thing i noticed, if i connect to server whit using connect(ip) in the console that i can not see the text chat or player list


this update made it so when i open some of my trainers it crashes my game


me too
(20 charssss)


Same! I haven’t been on in a while and after the update today things no longer work… halp!


Did, dude…problem is still in existence. Any tips, pal?


Game is/was already updated. I always do/ensure this before I start on FiveM because of problems in the past.

Any more helpful tips?


I can’t play FiveM again. The error continue here… Some solutions guys?


it’s a bug out of control of FiveM. waiting on the merge by CEF. this tends to affect older GPUs