FiveM update - March 15th, 2018


Okay not sure what this update did, but it made the Nvidia Gpu error go away for me and my friend. We were able to play for 8+hours without facing the error. But the day after the mini update made it come back again?

Me and my friend are both using the GTX 970, tried with the newest and older drivers.


It wont load into the game it just seats on the blue screen and does not do anything


i have the same problem


If you are getting a blue screen just sitting there, try pressing ctrl-alt-del and opening task mgr. When it opens task manager, close it and it should load in properly.


Keep up the work guys! We have an amazing community here!!


Any idea of which Vehicle ModKits IDs work now? None of the old ones work for me now.


that does not work i have tried it


So before anyone says i Need to update my game. it wont let me update it. Any ideas


Update your game. :joy:


Make sure that your game is up to date. If you are unable to update GTA for whatever reason, that is an issue between you and GTA and not FiveM.


I’ve been out of the loop with commits for a few months. Care to elaborate this a bit more?


Yeah seems this update broke my game unable to launch XD


I have updated these resources, but I still get where I cannot spawn vehicles by using commands. @Mudcrab did you experience anything like that?


anything worked for you yet? or any clue why only some players get the error?


I am really annoyed now i cant really re install cos all the files i’ve had ext
Anybody help


I’ve updated everything yet can’t access the new content. Unable to spawn the new vehicles. I’m using C# and have already copied the latest FiveM Client Dll to my project replacing the old one. :confused:


I’m in love the new vehicles! 1.)Spawn 2.)Game Crash 3.)Repeat


Try running as Administrator


Nothing worked more me, still getting blue screen. No idea why its only some ppl getting it


“Various changes in rage:formats tooling (fivem formats:convert) to support the upcoming LC conversion which is definitely coming someday.”…:thinking: