FiveM update - March 15th, 2018


my game started crashing if i make it go fullscreen (with ALT+ENTER) after this update
client log:

[    292828] Changing video mode.
[    293047] Changing video mode success: 1.
[    293219] Changing NUI shared resource...
[    399235] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/presence.asmx/GetPresenceServers
[    410016] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/GeoLocation.asmx/GetLocationInfoFromIP
[    419985] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/auth.asmx/CreateTicketScAuthToken
[    437703] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/auth.asmx/CreateTicketScAuthToken
[    479547] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/auth.asmx/CreateTicketScAuthToken
[    480000] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/Telemetry.asmx/SubmitCompressed
[    480203] EndpointMapper::HandleRequest: POST /gta5/11/gameservices/socialclub.asmx/GetPasswordRequirements
[    485844] process exited with 225079072!

and the second time it happened:

[    709234] Changing video mode.
[    709437] Changing video mode success: 1.
[    709734] Changing NUI shared resource...
[    727359] process exited with 225344944!

probably worth saying i was driving a car when it happened both times, i also switched to fullscreen while driving a car both times

no errors were shown, the process simply stopped


Thx for that update! Nice work! Is probably foreseeable when the slots will be increased?


Me too!


Any way to find out what the new cars are in a list?



Great work, keep it up! We’re all looking towards the next update. Keep up the great work.


Did someone give u a Money to type so positive comments here?Actually good job FIVEM. Now my Game crash 2 times more and all servers are screwed up!


No one pays anyone to write nice comments, its an announcement, so everyone is nice in announcements! :smiley:


I figure you knew where he was coming from, drop it here & now leaving us achieved.


Everytime i enter a server i crash please fix!


Every fucking time i tried to connect to the server it crashed,… Well played FiveM


I believe they are having issues Fredy, cause people can not update they keep getting 0.1MB/Sec when trying to update don’t think they can handle the load atm


Getting this issue when updating. Any way of fixing this?


I am also getting that error.


Everyone who is trying to update currently is getting that error I believe they are having issues with it




Im getting that error as well! Come on five m!! strong text FML



FiveM update - MARCH 15th 2018-----help me?