FiveM update - March 15th, 2018


It’s been a while since the last changelog, here we’re summarizing changes only since the last production build. For further details, you can always check the GitHub repository.


  • Various changes in rage:formats tooling (fivem formats:convert) to support the upcoming LC conversion which is definitely coming someday.
  • Updated CEF to M65 using the cef-mixer patch set instead of the old custom ANGLE hack. This breaks things. Maybe. It also fixes some things, so in the end karma applies.
  • :pear: instead of :fire:, pears are delicious delicacies! Combining them may work as well, but that’s out of scope for this update.
  • Fix part of NUI drag/drop for HTML ondrag* events. What a drag.
  • Fix STAT_SET_INT money values often being incorrect. (R* bug!) Sorry to anyone who considered themselves rich by having trillions of dollars.
  • Fix initialization order for NUI in resources. Now NUI events shouldn’t trigger before a resource script starts listening anymore.
  • Port GTA V to build 1290. This means servers now have access to the content in Snuggler’s Fun Smuggler’s Run and Domesday Hiest Doomsday Heist updates. It also means crash hashes all changed - don’t be surprised when you see new crash names. Yes, that means there’s flying cars.
  • Add a language option to Settings -> Display in the GTA V pause menu. This was disabled by R* for some reason, but it seems to work fine. Try to avoid setting it to a language you don’t speak, we actually got lost in the Chinese version for a while…
  • Rework network ID handling. You won’t have to take care of the script handler like they were some needy pet anymore, instead it works like it did in GTA IV.
  • Hopefully allow more procedural objects in network games. R* disabled these, probably for budget stuff. Please refrain from making roads with plants, we actually did that already.

[Release] K9 Script
How to FiveM update - March 15th, 2018?
More Rage errors?

This is awesome news. Thanks guys


Thank you for the Fantastic Updates


Hooray! Neat updates.


Ha! ‘‘literally wrote the rest of this so I could say Ha!’’


Great work on the new update.


Nice Update :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


This update broke some of HTML interfaces (user menu, for ex), so there’s no response when pressing Enter (no logs). What were the exact changes regarding that?
Also, huge FPS drops at markers.


No changes were made in the FiveM interface, any changes would be incompatibility with Chrome M65 (old version was M59).

For performance issues, provide an ETW trace. Also - what do these ‘markers’ do?


Oi! Me love you all :heart_eyes: :heart:



Same issue here - ESX_eden_garage can’t spawn any cars using the menu. Assume the update has broken something in es_extended/menu’s etc


we are having that same issue, let me know if you figure out a solution to this


CEF changes could affect web part of addons. No idea, how to fix this yet: there’s no information to rely on.


me to !

you have a solution ?



and the car dealership isn’t working either



Still no vehshare fix ? lul


you’re going to use it cheat engine?


That’s awesome, but I was more interested in finding out what broke the vehicle damage so I don’t have to code another 3,500 lines :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work!!! Keep it going! :slight_smile: