FiveM update - June 7th, 2017


A minor update has been pushed to the production channel.


  • Fix a crash in NetLibraryV2.
  • Support manifest version 44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937. See the wiki page for more information.
  • Increase server list performance by fetching icons on-demand rather than batching.


Any update is significant! Thanks


I am getting a strange behaviour in one of my scripts where the player is teleported, I think it might be due to a change to one of the natives, I couldn’t see native_universal.lua, is it just the natives.lua that is updated on the fivem client?

Many thanks, once i track it down i will report back. Thanks


@thorgaming, same problem here. Dunno if it comes from the new version. but it seems to coincide.


What ‘problem’ are the two of you even having?


Found the natives_universal.lua i checked on the server machine before the update.

In one of my scripts where I target a ped in a vehicle and make them a target or escort etc, upon starting my player character is teleported to x = -8192 y = -8192 z = 500 I wanted to find the native that is causing this but am actually strugglng to isolate it.


Just to confirm I don’t use anything like SetEntityCoordsNoOffset() or anything in this script.


I think i found out…

We have to check every resource and check if the following line is in the __resources.lua file :
resource_manifest_version ‘< manifest >’

Since the upgrade, if no manifest is set, it uses the new one : "44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937"
Before the upgrade, it used to use “f15e72ec-3972-4fe4-9c7d-afc5394ae207”

We have to check every resource not specifying any manifest and add the following line to make sure it uses the previous one. (Then debug to use the new one)
resource_manifest_version ‘f15e72ec-3972-4fe4-9c7d-afc5394ae207’

=> Source :

Does it seem logical and possible?

=> Nevermind

By default, no manifest version is used, which is equivalent to manifest GUID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. This (along with the empty GUID) will be removed in FXServer, and resources will be required to specify a manifest version.


does your player character teleport nborderes? when does the problem occur for you? thanks


One of my server’s users teleports when starting a “taxi” mission.
=> I cannot investigate and give further info yet. (Sorry)


I think i can confirm that the native ClearPedTasks(ped) causes the unexpected bahaviour and teleports the player to limits.


Apologies I meant the native:

function Global.ClearPedTasksImmediately(ped)
return _in(0xAAA34F8A7CB32098, ped)

I have not tested ClearPedTasks(ped) for the same issue.


Ah, this was an old anti-cheat measure that had been in the code for a long time - this didn’t just occur since this update, but was always in the game. It’ll be removed in a hotfix shortly.


Thanks for the support, its good, means I haven’t gone crazy :slight_smile:

[Release] Simple Taxi Work [UPDATED]

ClearPedSecondaryTask seems to be doing it as well.


Please add the menu to store the server offline
save ip to direct connect or favorites
our save ip to auto joiner
This is a much needed simple


Steam disable ? I can’t connect with Steam … :frowning:


I’d suck someone’s dick for the auto start into server launch command.





Was so nice to just click fivem and it autoloads into your local dev server. at least the direct connect doesn’t try to connect to server “l” server “lo” server “loc” server “loca” server “local” server “localh” like every 5 ms as you type it like it used to. :stuck_out_tongue: