FiveM update - June 1st, 2017 (#2)


An update has been released to the production channel today. Please mind the gap when exiting.

#Summarized changelog

  • Respond to metrics obtained from one crash fix by ignoring code. This’ll probably not fix the crash. :gear:
  • Fix broken data_file mounters thanks to variable shadowing. Now addon peds and such should work again! :family_men_boy:
  • Fix TriggerEvent() followed by Wait() calls. :warning:
  • Hopefully, allow _manifest.ymf files to be placed in resources. One. Per resource. So, actually, file? :file_cabinet:

[RESOLVED] Server doesn't stream certain data_file anymore

This is great! I have a question, due to a recent update causing native conflictions with the Lambda Menu, will the menu ever be updated by CFX, or will it stay like this? I only say because the Lambda Menu is one of the best and most useful trainers for FiveM.


Thank you FiveM team for all the hard work you are putting on this. We can all enjoy the best custom online experience in GTA V thanks to you. Can’t wait how this ends up in the future. Wish you the best!


i cant start fivem i get this error how to fix?


Hi, I was on yesterday and five M was working perfectly, today I get on and as soon as I launch it, it crashes. If anyone knows why please help.


post this on bug reports forum


post this on bug reports forums, not on an update


Thank you for all your hard work, FiveM is awesome !

Ped addons not working

Fix broken data_file mounters thanks to variable shadowing

Ah ha! I knew you would get around to it! Now i can have my dream server.