FiveM update - June 15th, 2017


An update has been released to the FiveM production channel. :mascot: It contains some changes.


  • Make HANDLING_FILE able to be unloaded on resource stop.
  • Make HANDLING_FILE able to override existing handling data, and not only work for addons.
  • Client-side code for ticket verification, to prevent entitlement abuse.
  • Some small bug fixes and potential performance improvements.


Just watched you add the changelog. Thanks. Was gonna ask what’s new haha!


good stuff! Great job


Does it work the same as streaming cars? Or how would you stream one?


Is this allready in place? If so how does one stream the handling to the server? Same way we have been in a data folder etc?


its a shame how far this amazing project has come along and how likley it is that taketwo will shut it down i mean openiv is gone how long until this is gone and also gta5mods site?


So basically if you’re not streaming a handling file the cars drive like shit …
So we need to stream handling file for every single car in the game ?
It’s so weird I have cars that I am streaming with the handling file but any car get into that is not in that resource drives like crap now… no cars can steer properly now unless you stream them? Lol wow


Note, i had a handling file in the server before this update didnt effect anything, as soon as the update came i soon found out that handling data was bad, Cars where bouncing around like frogs! xD


@technetium What does ‘entitlement abuse’ mean, please ?


@technetium what does “ticket verification to prevent entitlement abuse” mean?


when can we use mono version 5 for the server


I Like how i download what it says to download but it crashes more than before the update, please help me