FiveM update - July 4th, 2017


An update has been published to the production channel.


Also, we’d like to inform you that SET_NUI_FOCUS has 2 arguments now, the second one is to enable a native cursor so that you don’t have to use a fake cursor.

For example:

SetNuiFocus(true, true)


Im not gonna bash on anything rn but just know sense this update, my server or a few other servers keep timing out after 15 seconds.


Hi guys, has the fix been pushed out for this? Seems soon as you’re in a vehicle your frames jump back and forth down and up to like 30/60 30/60 over and over making the game unplayable. I see you reverted it however I don’t think the complied download has been pushed?

Seems to be obvious only in Windowed Borderless setup’s



Disable vsync maybe?


I too have had many issues with unstable frame rate while driving, V-sync on or off does not help (i also play in borderless window mode). After the last update, I can no longer use ENB either. I also struggle to get reshade to boot too. Also, I dont know if fiveM has much built in anti-cheat but after the latest update, most servers I have been on have suffered from modders entering the game and spamming jumbo jets around.

Keep up the otherwise good work anyway.


Fixes for broken DirectX behavior (switching between windowed and fullscreen, windowed mode having vsync enabled at all times) are being worked on.

If you know of any cheat people use, please report it - we can’t add anti-cheating measures without knowing what people do to cheat.

However, it is the case the 1103 update removed some anti-cheating measures CitizenFX added, mainly as this conflicted with the Rockstar anticheat, causing the game to crash when the Rockstar anticheat would perform a scan.


Ah I see, the server I play on the most banned 5 people yesterday and they caused around 8 server restarts. I am also just playing in fullscreen now as its the only stable setting, however, whenever I start FiveM it will go into windowed mode, despite being set to fullscreen. Do you know of any reason why ENB no longer works, might just be on my end but it only occurred after the last update.


I have also notice this. when entering fivem its in window mode i have to manually set it to full screen everytime. i also noticed if i alt tab out to the desktop and back to fivem. the program is frozen and i have to alt crtl delete to crash out of it. i notice with wiping out anything visuals i installed it fixed it.


Yeah we are having some issues with someone coming in and spawning fireballs on all of the players. I’m not sure if it is relevant to the latest update or not though. No commands were issued from the player and the console didn’t give any information that could aid in figuring out how he/she did it. Script hook is disabled and no built in function would allow that to happen. I’m assuming it has something to do with bypassing an anti-cheat measure but I know you can’t do much without knowing where to look. Just thought I’d make you guys aware of it.


In this update, I’ve been having horrible FPS drops when driving around in a car and when using menus that use NUI. Any GUI that is updating (whether it be a progress bar or something fading in) my fps drops from 80 to 30 and stays at 30 till the menu is done doing whatever it’s updating. I’ve only noticed this in this update, nothing prior to it.


yep, this is caused by a known bug* which the fiveM guys know about already, it seems to spam vsync on and off half and full buffers, causing either unstable fps between 30 and 60 or locked to 30. This is only an issue in borderless window mode though (i think anyway) I seem ok in fullscreen and windowed so far.


Ah! Explains it. Well, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, thanks for the fix. Going to give windowed a try because I alt tab quite a bit.


Yeah same here, and fullscreen crashes me anytime I alt tab, the only problem is if your window is too big you cursor can leave the game and go down to the taskbar causing you to tab out.


For some reason this update makes my FiveM Eat up ram ( 5GB after 30 min idling in server)



I can not open the game, I skip the following error when opening it with what is a crash:
Blue-minnesota-bacon caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers. If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details below.

Report ID: b6db282b-d949-451b-82a8-8134883587bb


What ever update just got pushed out its giving a mississippi-bacon-enemy crash report

reportid: 1336e5a8-8c82-4559-b193-d3ef2b6b7d8a



For me this error occurs specifically when ELS is loaded up by the server, Removing it from the loading order on my server fixed the issue for the time being.

hope it helps


Hi, I have the FPS drop in borderless window too. It works good in windowed mode, but I can absolutely not switch to full screen mode. Is this a known issue and is there a solution to play in full screen ?


So I also noticed that sense this update the respawns are broken. If someone dies it crashes the entire server for every server