FiveM update - August 27th, 2017


An update has been released to the production channel. This is a maintenance update, containing minor bugfixes and improvements.


From what I was told, Broke tons of stuff, including knocking servers off line Wtf any change log?


So… instead of “OMG WTF GUYS U FUCKS BROKE IT ALL”… you could write out specifically what is broken and how it breaks maybe? Just maybe that would be a bit more helpful than your current post. Thats EVEN if it was the update that “broke” it.


True! Sorry had a few beers and feeling good!! Lol
Na seriously, heard several people’s say servers got knocked offline, 1 of ours as well. Weird.
Do we have any info on what was updated? Sorry not available to check at the moment. Also anyone else having this issue please let us know


Our backup server running on old 5m runs perfect. We update our live one and it’s throwing errors like crazy


Yep my servers throwing a lot of errors from a lot of the resources after the server unexpectedly got pushed offline. Nothing was changed on those resources. It is a attempt to call a nil error.


Yeah my server was running great until this update. it now loses connection within minutes of starting a connection.


Ok cool at least I know I’m not alone lol


FiveM trying to fix something that isnt broken breaks things…


Actually i can’t even open game after this update what should i do? :frowning:


Thats something on your side try verifying your game data if you own Grand Theft Auto through steam if not im unsure.


Okay man i’ll try thank you


When FiveM updated i get crash every time that’s enough please fix that.


Guys I’m sure they are aware of what’s happening and I am sure they are working on it, let’s allow them time and as usual they will get it done.
My servers seem to be fine ATM, but for sure something has changed based on player reports


This topic is about a client update, that can’t possibly ‘knock servers offline’.

If you’re having issues with your server, that’s not related to this client update.