FiveM update - August 22nd, 2017


A new update :boom: has been pushed to the FiveM :mascot: production channel. It contains an assortment of changes.

Summarized changelog

  • mitigate asparagus-king-thirteen
    • this happens when GTA tries to sync a car mod that’s not actually loaded, it’s weird
  • add new crash info for tennis-stairway-seven
    • this happens due to corrupted model files (.yft) or so
  • C# API generation! (thanks to @thers)
  • GET_CAM_MATRIX native (to be documented on next code generation, arguments are same as GET_ENTITY_MATRIX.
  • Some client-side fixes to hopefully improve desync.
  • Other internal changes, see GitHub for the raw story as usual.

C# code generation example

The latest CitizenFX.Core.dll (or the NuGet package) contains this under the class CitizenFX.Core.Native.API, as a hint you can use:

using static CitizenFX.Core.Native.API;

and you can just call functions directly


awesome thanks for the update.


when i try to launch the client, the updater opens for half a second, downloads half the update then closes with no errors or anything and does this every time i try to launch it


me its said mockingbird-cat-three


Sweet. Code generation looks awesome. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


That’s it, congrats, you have out done yourselves again, code generation and direct function calls. Thanks for all the work guys!


is the network playing problem solved ? like if 2 guys playing on the same IP they will get crashed , did this been solved or not yet ?


i have a problem with the new version, the server just shutdown some times (after a certain run time like 5 min …) any idea about this probleme ? (im runing it on windows serveur 2012)


That happens on my server too, the server process terminates. Reverting to 342 seems to have stopped it from crashing though until it’s worked out.


Hi guys,

I got the same prob like u. But they commit a new version of FX server. Try it and say here if its works