FiveM update - April 18th, 2018


Another update has been pushed to production. Everyone, time to be sad!

Changelog, cherry-picked

  • e772f7e: Display overlay content at present, not at an early stage. This should resolve some flickering issues with regards to graphics overlays.
  • 55eccf1: update CEF to M66 again.
  • b49b9ff: NUI: disable keyed mutexes. This fixes in-NUI flickering.
  • dce696b: some fixes for broken crash fixes. Reduces crashing!
  • 0cc8ab9: New deferral system with more reliability and allowing multiple resources at once. This should activate automatically if using a newer server version, though it’s recommended to hold off on updating until nng patches are tested.
  • 20ed388: Server banners in the detail page and connecting window. This requires a server with sets command support (495 or higher) and setting sets banner_connecting "" and/or sets banner_detail "" on the server.
  • 03670c6: Update CEF again and force D3D11 in ANGLE. This basically fixes daktronics/cef-mixer#10 for cases that used to work before.

[BUG] Resource name is shown before the actual message in deferred connection

Nice job once again :slight_smile:


Nice job =) again) how 64 slot’s?


Please… Stop… Asking… It is not as simple, which everyone seems to think.


nice looking slick. :heart: :mascot:


For those who keep asking for 64 slots… Stop and be patient! This is a free damn modification to GTAV for God sakes that acts like a nearly entirely new game. Give them time and they will get it to you but constantly asking them won’t help at all! So STFU!


Was about to post a temp solution for AMD cards today ^^ Nice to see it officially fixed now :slight_smile:


Great job :smile:
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I don’t know if this would be hard to do/asked many times, But will/could there be an Official Queue System for FiveM? There are community resources, However they are often unstable and would be stable with the CitizenFX Collective’s Help.

Thank You ~ Lance.


Thx for that stuff… thx for your work!



Has the deferral syntax or playerConnecting event syntax changed in any significant way with the messaging update? Will it change as this goes forward?


Thank you for providing the best modified experience with GTA V and providing FiveM to us! We appreciate all your hard work!


good night, the game after gives update is not saving the modifications made in the vehicles, informs that the vehicle is not ours and every time that takes in the garage has to modify in the saints!


Understandable Good Night my son


This is a problem with your script not FiveM I believe.


Im getting crashes almost all the time, always the same message, Fanta sweet monkey.


FiveM I really hope you keep your promise to your update from back in October. H1 is running out! You got till june. Time is running out. Btw is it Onesync or Zerosync? State of the Snail: October 12th, 2017


luckily, onesync already released around a month ago. nobody said that it had to be ‘100% done’ (no software ever is), or publicly usable (though a few testing servers are whitelisted for it).


So in other terms you are never releasing it to the public or we can expect it 2019. Thanks for the heads up :wink:


the code is public, if you build your own FiveM binaries you can use it just fine