FiveM Ubuntu 16.04 is BROKEN (Read) FIXED!



So over the last week I have been having a lot of issues trying to setup FiveM on Ubuntu 16.04, I have no clue what is going on. Here’s a list of stuff I did:

  • Switched Hosting Providers
  • Disabled Firewall
  • Opened all Ports
  • Contacted FiveM Support
  • Contact Hosting Support

Nothing was working though until I did this:

  • Switch to Ubuntu 14.04

Literally that is the only solution I have tried everything and I setup Ubuntu 14.04 and first time everything is running smoothly. I’m posting this because people are having issues with this and there are not any solutions out on the forums and people have been stuck. Hopefully this helps!!!


Mine works fine I have 2 on Ubuntu 17 and one on 16


I too am running one perfectly fine on 16.04


Works fine for me on 16.04 as well


I’ve run mine on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and CentOS7 with no issues.


It’s the only thing working for me because I saw other people with the same problems.


runs on 16.04 fine for me too.


Lastest Master Crashes for me on a debian and Ubuntu whit the SIGSEGV Error. After that you get disconnected from the server and he crashes.


I would just use one of the older versions, at first I didn’t realize that I was using the first fx build and not the latest.