FiveM supported for laptops with AMD radeon yettt?


Hello everyone!
I had an issue in the past which didn’t allow me to play FiveM, wich is the issue related to laptops with AMD Radeon graphics (AMD Radeon HD 8670m & Intel HD 4000 switchable graphics).
I was told that the issue comes from AMD drivers and they don’t support what FiveM use. Despite their continuous requests and questions rised to AMD developers, no answer came.

Is there an update? Can laptops with AMD switchable graphics now play FiveM like anyone else??

Good to see the project alive and honestly want to be part of. Will do my best myself to find an alternative way!


There has been a lot of updates to FiveM. Give it a shot and report back! I haven’t seen confirmation that it has been resolved, but also have not seen many complaints as of recent that it’s not working.


I’ll give it a try. Will have to redownload both GTA V and FiveM to try that out, but still worth it I guess. Hopefully it works.

Though I’d love to have someone confirm if they already had the issue and was fixed, or maybe a member of the development team to avoid disappointment :grinning:


there is still issues with laptops and fivem in general its touch and go it works fine for some and not for others.