**FiveM Review(Honest opinion)**


FiveM can run very smooth but also very BAD OH MY GOD THE TIMES I WANTED TO SMASH MY SCREEN

but if someone just started from 0 (and excuse my language) but those docs don’t do shit

20 to 50 dollars A MONTH? WHATTA? Is this Comcast services or a GTA5 modding platform? I mean my name is not corporate commander but jesus at least the expensive stuff make it one time payment, heck I can get a full cad/mdt like doj for $10 one time payment

those docs don’t help at all I’m sorry but they really don’t

FiveM has its many flaws and problems at least I hope OneSync and all the future projects will fix what is going on right now because some of the crashes, errors and problems in general are stupid and ridiculous(and annoying).


This os my opinion and what I think plus nobody needs to change anything


that is correct, this is your opinion. but you are just bashing FiveM for OneSync/EUP pateron supporters and scripting documentation.


If I think that something might be stupid I say it, I never mentioned names or other people on this post


FiveM is amazing! It has :mascot:'s, that cannot be found elsewhere.

No, quality is much better.


Well, at least that’s better.

Strange, I barely ever experience issues with FiveM, no this isn’t a biased comment. This is genuinely how my experience is on FiveM.

… and always does. I don’t have the most powerful of machines, my CPU isn’t that great, my GPU is better. A lot of the time, issues regarding your gameplay not being smooth falls down to server owners and their client scripts. There’s a lot of servers I visit that have the resource time warning error and the owners literally just ignore it.

Read what @TheIndra said.

You’re non-constructively criticising the documentation here, this doesn’t help. Also!


I wonder where the author of these scripts got all the information for their resources? Must’ve just done the same.

As aforementioned, contribute if you have things to add (which you clearly do).

… what? This obviously isn’t related to FiveM, this is simply the syntax of the language.

Hmm, you claim this but you’re surprised at a ) causing errors in your code :thinking:

I don’t see these flaws, and you don’t have any topics in #general-discussion:bug-reports so, if you encounter a bug/flaw, report it there.


Actually $15/mo is the cheapest. You can request a manually granted EAP, these prices are in place to account for FiveM services and resources, after all, if you’re playing on a platform and you enjoy it, why wouldn’t you play and attempt to help the community/project out?

:joy: this is funny, I’m sure this person who is giving this CADs out is making them for free. You’re probably being scammed.

Crashes :clap: without :clap: context :clap: or :clap: information :clap: don’t :clap: help :clap: at :clap: all!

These features will be released to all users eventually, as mentioned on FiveM’s Twitter; this feature is in testing and therefore only available for club members for the time being.

This is my say in all of this, please don’t take any offence as I most likely didn’t mean it. I’ve also put some points in here that I’d love for you to act upon and do what I said. You’ve mentioned some good and valid points in here but overall I think that a lot of things you’ve mentioned aren’t anything to do with FiveM as a project, but, the server owners and their assets. Also, a few points you mentioned could be resolved/rectified by yourself!



Da da shhhh

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But I might be all wrong and I will just accept it, I didn’t want to trigger anyone just giving a opinion of what I’ve seen and done which might be a lot or nothing


You are not triggering anyone at all, we are just having a discussion about your post. :slight_smile:

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I will try to contribute, when I can and think to stay in fivem(since now I have to do other stuff


Now about that uhm “technical problems”, FiveM can run very smooth but also very BAD OH MY GOD THE TIMES I WANTED TO SMASH MY SCREEN, the game can ruin a good RP experience with a crash making you lose a lot of progress.

Seems more like this is induced by the server you play on. Of course we try to assist the player having such issue to our extent (on the forums & discord).

Now I mentioned that I have server, yep, I do and it is fun and depressing at the same time, being a beginner is the depressing part, I know there the docs and whatever, but if someone just started from 0 (and excuse my language) but those docs don’t do shit, I learned more by looking a already made script, modifying them, reading them or at least try to create something similar to have practice and memory on what to do.

Docs are a bit shallow I agree, but they should teach you the basics you should now about the FiveM platform. Note that the docs are in no-way a Lua learning website or so, it’s ought to have a decent level of knowledge about programming.

Also scripts can be very fragile, one thing like a freaking ( and everything JUST DIES, also for someone that is pro C# I personally dislike lua and I think is very old feeling I suggest using C# for performance and less flaws overall.

I strongly disagree with this. This seems like structural/design flaw right off the bat. FiveM provides things like exports and event to allow loose coupling and has a dependency keyword to load everything in order.

Vehicles can also be touchy especially emergency vehicles, non-els and els the thing of the maximum of kb and all of that is annoying and kind of wastes your time(again this all my opinion you can think whatever you want).

I don’t see how this is an FiveM flaw, ELS is a resource like any other resource.

FiveM has its many flaws and problems

How so? From what is stated above I can’t really say that these “issues” are directly FiveM’s fault. Only we certain amount of babysitting FiveM can do to prevent a catastrophic meltdown, before it becomes totally obnoxious.

Not saying that all of these issue aren’t induced by FiveM, but a majority seems server and resource related.

OneSync and all the future projects will fix what is going on right now because some of the crashes, errors and problems in general are stupid and ridiculous(and annoying).

Don’t get your hopes up, OneSync will either keep the same amount of crashes or even increase them.

Also some of the things in Patreon are to be looked at, I get maybe the early access and OneSync but 20 to 50 dollars A MONTH? WHATTA?

In order to get all the rewards, you just need to have the $15 dollar tier. If you own a server, you can easily recoup this money by saying it’s an server expense.
The $15+ tiers are purely cosmetic and serve as a way to show your appreciation of the FiveM project. I don’t see why you are ranting as much about this. All the features are absolutely not necessary and serve more as a “nice goodie”.

-or keep these and make it one time payment

Things like EUP and like the colored name should be free and a given and not behind a pay wall, please at least those small things.

Never going to happen, as the people developing FiveM also need to keep the infrastructure up and actually have to pay for that. I’d say the current amount of patreons would barely be enough to pay for the costs incurred, having a large infrastructure isn’t cheap. (disclaimer: this is just from my perspective, I could be wrong).

I hope there will be a large fix(you know mexico-rose-crap errors),

How do you expect FiveM to fix these errors when no-one reports them?


I many ways you are right, I still think that some things are ok or no, mostly of my points were a maybe most likely I know very well that FiveM will proceed on its agenda, and that is right, if they would stop for every review it would be a mess. But now I understand more of how all this works.


In some things I also was ironic, this was just a review of my experience, the money part like I said doesn’t add up I personally think somethings are kind of extra for $15>


A lot of the points that I was going to respond to have been discussed, so I won’t.

Overall, I conclude that you have some misconceptions about FiveM.

  1. Most crashes are due to client or server setup and impossible for FiveM to fix. The client and server as a codebase is very stable.
  2. Patreon tiers are priced as a barrier of entry to balance both the support of the FiveM infrastructure, like Syntasu mentioned, as well as to be able to hopefully attract users that are willing to report issues.
  3. The issues mentioned above ^ are all issues with the experimental features that are benefits of the Patreon pledge tiers. Apart from the cosmetics (colored server name etc), all benefits have bugs and are not ready for everyone to enjoy for free. That includes “EUP”, which is actually not a perk at all, but what that resources uses is (streaming of custom MP player clothing).
  4. Documentation is being improved on and there are a lot of aspects missing. However, FiveM does not want to reinvent the wheel, so certain things will never be on it. When you learned C# for the first time, you also did not only visit the Microsoft C# documentation. I am certain you looked at existing code, perhaps read books etc. That’s what is expected of any programmer. Be curious.

Just a couple of words from me on the original post.

Now on to some things others have said.

That is something that FiveM is not responsible for even if this were true. GTA V and thus FiveM is an adult game, as such the users are expected to be as well. Of course this is not the case, but the prices won’t be lowered so that more “kids” get access to the experimental features mentioned above. I believe the Patreon tiers are well priced and if they were lowered, it may result in an influx of pledges, but $$$ is not the main objective. Users should pledge if they want to support FiveM. The benefits they get for certain tiers are just additional perks. You are not forced to pay $15+.

This “EUP” feature, which again, isn’t a Patreon perk at all, are not there as a “token of appreciation”. They are there as experimental features for those wanting to try them out to do so. And to report back issues. There are definitely still some issues with streaming custom MP clothing that need to be fixed before it’s viable for the whole user base. One example is disconnecting from a server and rejoining. It may then sometimes not function correctly.


Yes for the C# I am following classes and other


You have to have Element Club to use EUP. It’s a unlisted/indirect perk. Say I wanted to help test EUP and report bugs/errors/issues with it. I couldn’t unless I have Element Club. It’s useless without Element Club, therefore you have to pay to use it. (at least for now, until they change it.)


Great thread and couldnt agree more with everything u have said. My biggest problems with FiveM is bugs,crashes & player slots. 32 is so tiny where im coming from Arma3/SAMP roleplay servers. I do love the fact of having NPC from rockstar still around with modded online.

I seen Onesync is a thing but most server owners are against it due to its major issues. Hopefully they will make it stable at 64 slots would be awesome especially for NA servers. I only seem to see foreign countries using Onesync but ping levels are to high for my taste.