**FiveM Review(Honest opinion)**



Let’s refrain from derailing this topic and going completely off topic.


The editing scripts is for practicing myself, then I try to create stuff on my own but it takes some time


anyway going back on topic :stuck_out_tongue: are you looking for help scripting or what?


Or I completely fail, and I try again


my Suggestion would be Trial And Error that’s how i learned.


I suck, but yeah I am searching for help


try this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cGPHJh1G5E&list=PLIpzpS7fwntTQOAh2bS8Tz-g8NP4WFhG2

it might help


I’ll try thanks


np feel free to PM me on the forums or post a reply if you need help.


It doesn’t matter if editing scripts is ‘practice’. You just bashed FiveM and it’s scripting documentation for being shitty and not helping anybody, but then you said you only edit scripts. you try to create stuff ‘on your own’, but do you use the documentation, or just try to smash random scripts together and then wonder why it doesnt work? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Roger that


I could tell you my everyday thing, but I was talking in general for when I am creating private stuff(personal)


I know on some things I should have been more specific


You basically said

“fivem scripting documentation is shitty and doesnt teach anyone anything”

"i only edit existing scripts "

What could you be scripting in FiveM that is so private and personal? Stripe api or something?


Also I am not bashing all on FiveM because most of the times I just find the solution on my own and I don’t want to disturb the forums on basic stuff, plus like I said in the end I am still positive and having fun


Just saying that some things for me just don’t work and if you can explain it to me than I can understand(by things I mean the things set up by FiveM not about coding)


I am sure that I am stupid compared to people that is here for more years than me, but since you explained most of it on your comment now I understand more


I suggest using the :pencil2: edit button more often


Yeah I know, right now the place I’m in the connection doesn’t work


I am not scripting important stuff just trying to learn how to do stuff, I just personally think the docs are not the best thing in the world, but that just might be me, and never said "only’ editing, but of course I need to start from somewhere. Plus I never said that all people don’t understand the docs I said they might prefer something more visual, but every person is different(I don’t consider myself someone important at all, this is just a review from my perspective and some of the facts might be wrong)