Fivem ps4



I have a ps4 role play community but fivem ain’t for ps4 are you guys able to do something where it would work for ps4





Ok I just wanted to make sure


I’m curious on how you think that would work :thinking:


i suppose you put fivem.exe on a usb, then plug it into a PS4. Surely that would work. That’s how it would work right? lol


Yet FiveM requires a Windows OS… surely you’ve got a ingenious way to work around that right? Or is your PS4 supposed to magically recognize Windows files and such?


I thought it was implied you put a windows boot disk in the other usb port for it to recognise .exe’s… duh… :smile:


Below is what your PS4 would be looking like…it would not be a good outcome.



If you’re PS4 is doing that i believe you need glasses…