FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ patch release - January 12th, 2017


We have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch, again. It’s still a client update, and it still only contains bug fixes.

Summarized changelog

  • Update session arbitrator when server sends msgIHost message. This might resolve some conflicts with two people joining an empty server at the same time.
  • Don’t play SND_ALIAS_SYSTEMHAND when becoming session arbitrator. This confused a fair few community members.
  • Resolve an uncommon bypass for validation.
  • More work towards fixing GPU initialization issues. Now, people with AMD-graphics laptops should get either a working game, or a different error, and NVIDIA laptop users might have behavior change slightly.
  • Internal code refactoring to optimize the build process. As for technical details, this makes CoreRT.dll linked implicitly, not explicitly.
  • Potential performance improvements reducing a hot path on the main thread.
  • Fix compatibility with Windows 10 Insider Preview.
  • Prevent Winsock LSPs from loading. This should resolve the issue that causes the Rockstar launcher to hang on Loading indefinitely.


A recent update that was pushed to production added game validation to the CitizenFX client. This is an early iteration of this feature, and it is meant to ensure the safe performance of all authorized activities. Do not destroy it.

If you own a Steam copy of GTA V, this validation will have completed seamlessly. If you own a retail version, you’ll probably have been greeted with the activation prompt, asking you to enter Social Club credentials.

These credentials, as you would be able to see if checking a packet capture tool such as Wireshark, and as the window itself says as well, will only be sent to the Rockstar Online Services (, and are not saved locally, nor sent to any remote server other than the Rockstar services.

What is saved locally, however, is a system token linking your game activation to your Windows user account and computer system.

We assume there’s mutual trust between the project and its users, and re-adding this check has been done to cause the project to adhere to any and all applicable laws. Remember, CitizenFX is the oldest GTA/RAGE modification still in active development, despite a hiatus where the project went without any developers, there’s nearly a 3-year lineage in the modification’s history!

To the people that don’t trust this validation, do note that by running an arbitrary executable, you’ve already implicitly given your trust to access all files on your system that your user has access to - if we wanted to do anything malicious, why would we put it in your face like that?

Other than that, we’ve still been working on various actual improvements in the background, and don’t forget to post your feature requests! We have a snail and some fishies working on tracking them down. :snail:


how about crack GTA 5? we can play or not


@PiLLoW No… Pirate copies of GTA are not welcome here


Still vulnerable, just thought I’d let you know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do trust and understand your motives, try and get rid of the cracker scum from spamming the forums, but what I do not trust is this:

We know Rockstar, or rather Take Two, they without a doubt will be looking for this once they are aware of it. They will without a doubt find a way to detect it. They are just waiting for something like this to detect accounts accessed by this and not just ban accounts on sight, as what’s that going to solve? They are going to terminate on sight.

Because even if the root gets shut down, it’s still playable for all that have the client and a server to access. Terminating accounts on sight is the only way for Take Two to insure they’re preventing people playing this because it renders the whole game that requires social club unplayable as we know.

I am sure lots of people not just me trust your motives, appreciate your motives behind this, but it’s not you we don’t trust, it’s Take Two, therefore that validation is a kick in the head when we come here to get away from them, not to login and say yes we own and risk Take Two taking action.

Call me paraniod if you will, tell me it won’t happen, but unless any login is licensed and allowed by the company of that service, whether I trust the motive or not of it, I will not touch it.

It is accessing their own service, it’s going over the internet, so there is no it won’t happen, it cannot happen, no matter how hard you make it. Unless you go playing a chasing game patching it for Take Two only to find how to detect it again, there’s no way it will not be detected or let go once they are aware of it.


glad to hear a few of these fixes. Mostly the potential of fixing when two players join at once and disabling the system ding when becoming host. Keep up the good work <3


The login system works exactly like the real game, and sends the exact same requests. Unless TTWO is going to ban fully legitimate game copies as well, they can not do as you describe.

It is more likely that they will intentionally sabotage the login check to allow pirate copies anyway, then use this as argument when suing any of our developers/staff members.


Guys ples tell me hpw to fix this


After I login, the window closes and then nothing happens.


Do you know Fivem was for craked online beffore it shutdown


Why would you even make a mod witch grants you multyplayer but only for legit copies when there already is multyplayer


Maybe cuz GTA online is all about shark cards and getting banned?


Why would you even make a game witch grants you banning but only after getting legit shark cards when there is a mod?

It makes no sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Please fix bikers DLC and include Import/Export.
also if possible fix the issue with first person in some vehicles.


Are you talking to R* or us?


Server has to dump cache files and restart.


how do i fix this issue


Wha- no. FiveM was not intended to be a cracked multiplayer, otherwise they wouldn’t have implemented anti-piracy measures. That’s right, FiveM blocked pirates. People play FiveM/FiveReborn for many reasons. Perhaps they are tired of Rockstars Bullshit, perhaps they are banned from GTA:Online or perhaps they just want to try something different.


You can still get banned from servers here ! :wink: Mostly cuz of R*'s bullshit and because of modding. Here you can make whatever you want if you want to! This is just amazing you just gotta find thing u like and script it ! I really want to see what are scripters making! Its just as SAMP when u realize what you can script!


Is there any way to delete the system token so that I can re link my system to my account?