FiveM New Java Launcher?!


I’ve heard that FiveM will release a new update on his launcher where all the codes will become from .lua to .java. Is this true or what? Can you tell me a bit more about it plz?



I am pretty sure not all .lua code will goto .java considering the amount of people coding in lua.


Ok. But what that does it mean?
Should dev must work again from beginning with certain files or not?!


What? Where did you even hear that. I highly doubt it.


I don’t like gossip girls.


I agree with you.
When I heard it for the first time and a guy told me he read it at FiveM forum… it just made me suspicious about it


whereever you have heard that from, it’s false, FiveM will never replace Lua with java, there were some additions to FiveM Javascript shown tho.


Thx for your info’s. I already knew it, but I wanted to be sure.