FiveM Menu fonts/buttons bugged


Hello, ive just downloaded FiveM and it starts ok and everything but i cant click anything because everything looks bugged, buttons out of place, and i cant see any option to update server list, my Gta 5 version is PC steam original. My OS is Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit


Got a screenshot of this ‘bugged’ menu?


Home page appears empty , server list appears empty and theres no button to refresh, also look at the fonts overlayed over each other, and in settings there is only a setting to change my name and the FiveM logo appears with a _

Also i got a message when starting it over that my current OS may cause unstability or problems and that i needed Windows 10, is that for real? because if then GG im not getting Windows 10…


Up screenshot up, jejujijiej, screenshot up


Do you have some sort of firewall running blocking outgoing HTTPS connections to