"FiveM is already installed..."


Hello, my fiveM crashed a lot so i removed all fiveM related stuff and reinstalled GTA, now when i download FiveM again and trying to launch it i get a window that says “FiveM is already installed. You should launch it through the shortcut in the Start menu. If you want to create a portable installation, put FiveM.exe into an empty folder instead.”
I tried to launch it through start menu but get same message, what should i do?

Yours sincerely Tomelilla


please use the search function on the forums before posting.


I have done that, but if you are so perfect why dont u send link to the post then?


Sure, I can post you a link that took me a few seconds.


As i said, i already have removed everything related to fivem so there is no folder in appdata :=)


well its some where none of us can tell you where because we have no idea how you installed things.