FiveM GTA 5 Redux first person blur FIX


Discription/Situation : I always play in first person.
and the default FiveM Redux spoke to me.
But there was a problem, the Blur was to close and the dash boards where too blurry.
i have fixed that, now i have read about Rockstar editor problems, i dont know if that is fixed because i dont use and i dont care.
Ever since vice city came out i have worked on the handling my self, and allot of people have it wrong.
Let me explain something about GTA…
1400 kilo = not 1400 Kilo in GTA.
120 KM/90 Miles = NOT 90Miles/120KM in GTA :slight_smile:
Any way here is the fix
And if u want to know what i am talking about, just inspect my Handling.

Redux first person blur FIX

Handling Download

FiveM Redux

Racing wheel support


Again another server not showing up