Fivem fullscreen problem


When i open fivem it opens in this little like box or square and i cant really see much. i need help getting that off. yesterday i played with no problem but now i dont know what happened. i deleted and download fivem and nothing happened


Press Alt+Enter to go into fullscreen.


i did that and nothing happens


it doesnt go windowed it goes 800x600 resolution its a little box


Have you tried going into the settings and changing it when it’s in that little dinky window?


which settings? the one on the game? theres nothing in that settings just to change ur name


Just pick a server, load in then go to your Settings and change the graphical settings in there.


ok i will see if that works


I believe, don’t quote me but FiveM mimics your current GTA 5 settings so worse case you can change them in GTA 5 and you should be good.


i went to change it and i closed gta and still nothing happened to fivem
then open gta again and it was little again there is no save button to lie save it


Okay did you try what I suggested in FiveM?


im trying too. i cant press the yes button when it asked me to keep the changes cuz of the task bar


So press Enter? That’s often the same.


yea its not like before its a problem press buttons on the button and the graphics look awftul


ok i dont have the taskbar problem anymore but the graphics look horrible. this problem of the little square happens when my internet doesnt work but its working