FiveM Forums - Alternative Dark Theme


Hi. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the current dark theme. I didn’t like the font, the background was too bright, the text colors were too dark, it didn’t seem colorful enough, so I went ahead and modified it a bit. Also made profile pictures in topics 10px larger.
---- Instructions on how to install the alternative theme are below. ----

You must follow these instructions to make it work correctly

  • Go to your account preferences by clicking your thumbnail on the top right and the gear icon.
  • Click on interface on the left side.
  • Select dark theme.
  • Press Save
  • Enable this theme by installing from this link(userstyles extension)

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the font was a meme cause i took the piss out of a site using comic sans and well…


Took the piss out of a site? what do you mean? lol. Comic-sans is just so terrible to use site wide for any site. It has its uses here and there but not for reading everything. Gross


Yeah, well this rp site has comic sans and i was mocking it, so it may have been my fault :stuck_out_tongue:


oh haha. Good going! Well, I fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue: