FiveM Flatbed script?


Hello, is there is script for flatbeds? I am not talking about the MTL flatbed but the trailer flatbed which requires a truck… I am trying to set up an RP and for those people who do not understand what I am talking about there is a youtube video my friend sent: watch this at the 2:18 mark even though you can see the trailer at the thumbnail… So please tell me how to do this! resp.


just use this script, [Release][FX] Towtruck Script V1.2 go into the client.lua and edit the model to this trailer model. which should be line 9 if your using notepad ++ and then on line 22 and 33 change the numbers to adjust for the trailer you will have to restart the script till you get the vehicle your trying to attach to attach. but that should work the other alternative is to enable script hook via your server.cfg file for your server and then on your side install simple trainer and use that trainer for attaching objects.