FiveM Error Crashes Consistently Across Multiple Clients and Servers


Many people as of today have reported that their FiveM is crashing after a few minutes of playing on a server. This has been reported by different people of different servers and communities and across the entire FiveM platform. This is what the end-user is shown after crashing:

(Obviously as you can see, the crash “labels/titles” vary - the three posted above were reported between 3 and 5 PM EST November 8, 2018.)

This has only been happening as of today, November 8, 2018, that I know of.

Here are some FiveM dump files from clients that have experienced this issue:

Cardinal-pizza-vegan crash

I’m getting this same error on every single server I join, I’ve even reinstalled FiveM


10-4 I have had all my clients, Update Drivers, Update GPU Drivers, Update Windows, Update GTA V Install, Clear FiveM Cache, I have updated EssentialMode, Updated FiveM Server Files, and removed some things thinking it was a cause still occurring. Massive Time-Outs as well now with Crash.


My members are reporting several errors, especially the Cardinal-Pizza-Vegan one. Did the normal debug issues and is still occurring.


this is caused by a recent update that lets FiveM see the most popular natives being used in order to make the documentation. there’s nothing you can do other than wait for them to fix it.


Also Mango-Marine-Aspen myself and other users have had this.


95% Of members in my server are having this problem, It seams like this problem is not for everyone.


“jupiter-two-cold” for me.

dmp files:



Same thing is happening to me too please fix it