FiveM Element Club Argentum ๐Ÿ’ฟ



Hi i buy FiveM Element Club Argentum :cd:.
Hello I would like to how to activate the 64 Slots I made the move but it tells me that my server is not Whistler for ONESync.
You can help me


According to your forum account you do not have FiveM Element Club Argentum, thus your server wonโ€™t have the required policies either.

If you just bought it, make sure your Patreon and forum email are the same. Then wait up to 6 hours for Patreon to sync with FiveM (restriction of Patreon)


i test now saying same not WH


Thatโ€™s because whatever key you are using does not have the bonuses.

Again, use a key from

And this account since for some reason you have an alt account