Fivem://connect/ no longer opens FiveM


We have our community connect to our servers from a launch page, we do this for security to keep our IP address out of the public view, the page links fivem://connect/#.#.#.###:##### for each server, all of our members are on Windows 10 so this feature should work for all of them.

The Bug

After the latest update today this feature no longer opens FiveM when the link is clicked. The link does however still work if FiveM is already running


Reported here as well: FiveM shortcut to server

Spitballing, looks like this commit from two days ago may have impacted this:

FiveM.ProtocolHandler in the Windows registry appears to handle the connection string association, and is used in the file that was updated two days ago. According to the registry, FiveM.ProtocolHandler should open C:\Users\Corey\AppData\Local\FiveM\\cache\subprocess\FiveM_GTAProcess.exe with the given connection string, but it does not appear to launch the application.

HKEY_USERS\GUID\FiveM.ProtocolHandler\shell\open\command stores this in the registry.

Not familiar enough with the application to commit any fixes.


Ah! That’s wrong, indeed.