FiveM canary


Hey guys how to get fivem canary?


By getting the first tier in of the FiveM patreon.

Canary is the test build and allowing people in the #canarium channel on discord to test and discuss these changes.

The firs tier (the $2 one) will give you access:
Get the early insight on development with guaranteed access to #canarium


FYI: the above is not true and it’s very misleading that this is the top result for Google searches for ‘fivem canary’ now. The #canarium channel is merely a private channel with, as said, early insight on development (which is also available for free by ‘just asking’), and has nothing to do directly with the update channel configuration.

All you have to do is set UpdateChannel=canary in CitizenFX.ini and delete caches.xml (note: NOT the cache directory!) to force an update.


Can I get an invite to Canarium?


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