FiveM C++ failed!


Hello ,
FiveM crash ?!
I connect to a server with FiveM the game crahs!
I send you a screen thank you.

I confirm, since the FiveM update !


I confirm, last update broken mod


What CPU do you people have, and what server have you been trying to join?


CPU : i5k-4670-4 heart 3,40GHz
I tested several servers


Can you name at least a few that are broken?


FRA GTA5 inovateam
FR NSA wayers
[FR] the ftv roleplay
Last night no problem to connect to the server,
And in the morning I do the update FiveM,
Since impossible to server FiveM crash ?,


many user on my server are facing this issue since this morning, what happen? I’m hosting server is possible that the issue is from my side?


Apparently there’s a few resources (among which es_turfwars) that trigger this client bug.


It reassures me I’m not the only one to problème :unamused:


I did that, and it seems to work, i will keep you update, thanks again


What did you do ? We need to remove the “es_turfwars” ? Thanks.


On my localhosted server i have the same problem.

both es_turfwars and also the updated version of Plysken_Rayder’s garages v3 give me both the same error.

running a intel core i7 960 with 4 cores


This is the es_turfwars that bug. Remove it and it will work.