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Introduction - my name is Joe Mathers, I’m a moderator for FiveEmergedRP . I’d like to invite all of you to our newly released server to everyone out there looking for a great community to roleplay in. We’re a newer community looking to continue our rapid expansion and growth amongst our fellow FiveM servers and hope you’ll join us.

Who are we?

FiveEmergedRp is a dedicated and advanced group dedicated to immersing into the world of Grand Theft Auto V and San Andreas. Departments currently hiring are: Los Santos Sheriff’s Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services.

What makes us unique?

Our community prides itself on the quality of our members and staff, we do not have any bias thoughts or favoritism, if we have a problem with a staff member that is causing issue that is a friend or not they will be handled. We also have whitelisted civilians that have access to supercars(Custom) which are quite nice. You also do not have to be whitelisted to drive custom vehicles since we have tons! We also do not frown upon you playing on another community unless it becomes malicious or if you are advertising. We also have a peer to peer program which consists of a team of counselors that you can speak to if you are stressed out or when you are dealing with something IRL and need to vent about it.

What are the requirements to join?

To join our community as Police/Fire/Communication - you must have Discord ready. and we also require you meet specific training criteria prior to being released into the state of San Andreas.

To join the community as a Civilian, as we ask if you follow the rules and respect everyone as you would want to be respected!

How do I join? Information is towards the bottom of this document!!!

To join us, come on Discord and introduce yourself!

Or join the game and say hello!

Direct Connect:

Happy Roleplaying!!! We look forward to seeing you!!!

Note: Currently seeking experienced LEO members and civilians that are good at roleplaying. Please inquire on Discord.


Come join this server. We are continuously developing ther server with new contents!


how do i sign up and get in the cad system


Hop on discord and they can help if you haven’t already!


Can I get a non expanded discord link, it always brings me to browser and wont work linking to the app


Is this what you’re looking for?


This server is actively being updated with new contents! Come check us out!


We’ve just purchased a dedicated server to ensure our players will have the most stable connection while rping.


We’ve just moved to a beast dedicated machine (i7 7700k, 64gb of ram, 10gbps network with 10TB bandwidth) and adding some custom maps texture developed by our own developers. Come check us out and join our amazing and rapidly growing community. We are also doing a lot of server wise event (Zombies apocalypse, military activities, etc.).

We’re still looking for active LEO, EMS, Firefighters, and various other roles.

The new Direct Connect Dedicated Server IP:


We just added some pick up trucks and some custom map textures. Come check us out.


stop by and check us out some time guys. We’re growing and would love for more serious rp to be part of our community now with almost 150 members in discord.


whats your discord link?


whats the server ip and discord link??