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Thank you for checking out Five Star Roleplay !

Who are we?
Five Star Roleplay was started back in March. I originally started it with some renegade members of a different RP server that I knew well. When this first started, I had no idea how to run a server, especially with all the complicated server-side stuff. We’ve had many bumps in the road throughout our development and launches, but I believe that I can still make my server a great one.

Here are just some of our great departments involved with our server!

SASP / The San Andreas State Police

The SASP is responsible for patrolling the entire state, as well as investigating crashes within the highway system.


Positions Open:

  • Troopers
  • Corporals
  • Sergeants
  • Lieutenants

LSCS / The Los Santos County Sheriff

The LSCS is responsible for patrolling much of the countryside of San Andeas


Positions Open:

  • Deputies
  • Senior Deputies
  • Sergeants
  • Lieutenants

LSPD / The Los Santos Police Department

The LSPD is responsible for the various municipalities throughout the state, including Los Santos itself.


Positions Open:

  • Officers
  • Corperals
  • Sergeants
  • Captains

Other departments include the BCFD / EMS and State of San Andreas Dispatch

Until our rosters are filled, an interview system has been established to fill the rosters quickly.

After joining a department, staff members are also picked based on activity and maturity.

To get your interview, pick a department, and join the Discord for an instant interview!


Isn’t this a duplicate post??


No, I had a moderator help me out because it wouldn’t let me edit the post
(and I did add alot of stuff)


And since all the comments from old ones are gone, let’s not forget to mention that this guy barely knows how to RP and has a poor standard in his own ethics of running a server. Steals content and even an entire name that isn’t his, all he’s done since then is ruin the name. Sad.


Salty staff members tend to be this way, especially when they break off and think I will just take it laying down.

Patrol will be active throughout the day today, and the interview channels are open.


Correct, Salty staff members do tend to be that way. Stealing other peoples content without offering to continue to contribute. Good thing i was an owner and not a staff member, although you are poor at being both.


I will be on tonight doing on the spot interviews and training for new members. Feel free to join me for a great patrol!