Five m download screen trouble


Hi, I’ve asked this earlier and I ran out of replies. I don’t have much of a life so it’s not like I can just wait till tomorrow.
My five m won’t download. It goes to load the terms and conditions then it goes back, then I try again and it goes this page can’t load or something … it’s crap, I bought this pc jus to play five m

Yes I did already buy and download gta 5

I also and resetting my computer just to see if that works.
I don’t know what to do, it’s a high end gaming pc,
The site will load fine on my laptop, it loads the terms and conditions in no time, so I honestly don’t know.
Im aware I can’t use it on a laptop. I just was testing the site


I rested my computer completely and five m will now download.

#3 does it work now? :slight_smile:


This has already been fixed.


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