First Responders Role Play| Hiring In All Departments, CAD System, Realistic RP, Custom Vehicles and Peds, Menu Based RP



What is First Responders Roleplay?
FRRP is a realistic RP community developed back in 2017. We have been down for a while but are bringing our server back. We have a wide selection of custom police vehicles as well as civilian vehicles and are always working to add more. We aren’t like your typical fivem server. We aren’t going to ban you for arguing or even stealing a cop car. If your opinion differs from ours then say it and despite what all these keyboard warrior fivem admins tell you, stealing a cop car is a realistic scenario. We have a CAD as well. Come join us!

Jobs we offer:
Police (Highway Patrol and Sheriffs)
Fire Department
Military(Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard)
Pilot(Private, Commercial, etc.)
Or create your own

Where do we play?
The primary area that we play in is Blaine County which would be Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, and Grapeseed. At any given time you may drive and play between all of these locations. When the server gets a little crowded we may open up to the entire map.

Mature and preferably at least 15 but exceptions can be made
Has Lamba
Can RP realistically

Join our discord and see what we are about. Have any questions? Message one of the owners. We would be glad to help. We can’t play without dedicated individuals.



Hey everyone this group is awesome and Cole and Noah are really nice and help a lot just DM them if you have any questions.


10/10 Server. Great staff and players. Would recommend as it’s a growing community with lots of potential.


Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.


Great server with a Complex structure that benefits the server as a whole. 10\10 would recommend


Noah is a great dude and really cares about making the sevrver as unique and entertaining as possible :slight_smile: Make sure you stop by some time 10/10 server


Thanks for the comments guys