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Apply Now! SASO, SAHP, SAFR, SA Communications, FLRP Staff.

You Do Not Have To Apply To Be A Civ You Can Just Hop On The Server And Play! If You Guys Have Any Questions Please Comment Down Below We Would Be Glad To Answer Your Question!




We Currently Have SAHP Cars In (CHP Mega Pack) We Have (Captain14) SASO, We Also Have Some OEM Cars Also We Have A Fire And Deputy Fire Chief Truck In. We Have Also Added A Decent Amount Of Unmarked Cars In As Well

San Andreas Sheriff Office
SASO has jurisdiction over the entire state of San Andreas and works closely alongside SAHP but has a more animal and drug busting friendly roster. SASO works day in and day out to catch drug dealers and users across the state with the use of the K-9s. SASOs’ sub-divisions include K-9 and Drug Task Force.

San Andreas Highway Patrol
SAHP has full jurisdiction over the entire state and assists SASO whenever necessary. SAHP is highly trained in detective work as well as aviation and has a well known response time in the air. SAHP detectives assist SASO in catching criminals and drug dealers in the act before SASO makes their move.

San Andreas Fire & Rescue
SAFR is San Andreas finest in medical and Fire Fighting. SAFR has the best response times of any other state and has exceptional training provided by Real Life EMTs and Fire Fighters. SAFR has a large area to cover and to provide the best in response times and care they have sub-divisons to assist their units such as an Air Division and Search and Rescue, specializing in water and dangerous environment rescues.

Office of Emergency Management
The OEM department consist of (3) coordinators that work alongside their department and assist with making department SOPs, plans, or any other need they may have.

OEM Coordinator - Jackie Daniels
SAHP Coordinator - Chase Blatt
SASO Coordinator - Stopper


Please check your PMs


Thank you for asking we have already found a developer. Sorry that I could not get back to you sooner. Have a good day!


Excited to be apart of this next gen community!


To anyone interested in joining; There are plenty of supervisor positions available to be obtained over time and I would like to just say that if you are looking for realism and fun, THIS is the place. Something chase didn’t say above is that realism can be achieved by any community, but to have FUN is the hard part and I think we do a pretty good job at trying to promote and encourage that.


Server is now online 24/7 and restarts every 4 hours! Please check out or website for IP address and teamspeak info to learn more!

Hope to see you guys!


Just Posted The ServerIP Again Hope To See You Guys There!


Great server. the staff are cool, there is great roleplay. I recommend this community.



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