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Awesome vehicles!


I’ve been in this community for about 5 months now, and I have loved it all. I was welcomed with open arms and treated well. The friendships you will make in this community are amazing they are the type of people to go out of their way to help you out. If you are looking for a long term Community to RP in this is it. It’s truly the best RP experience I have ever had in FiveM.


Amazing they updating the server almost everyday to add some cool shit amazing owners who know what they doing great devs aswell


Howdy Folks, just wanted to drop a line here saying that our Fire Department is up and running. Stop by in fill out a App.


SAHP got some new cars, you should come check it out on the server!


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Always a beautiful day on the ocean!


Engine 5 clearing an Automatic Fire Alarm at the local Car Dealership


Beautiful lights in the night sky!


I’ve been with First Class Roleplay from when it started and it’s always been a fun and entertaining community & I really like playing with all the other members, they have some unique roleplay ideas even if it’s an ESX Server which makes everything so much more realistic.



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Remember wearing your seat belt not only saves lives, but will also reduce the chance for road rash



come join us on our discord for movie night! we do weekly events like this for all you boys that are alone on a saturday night! XD ! come join us for movie night!


Very amazing server. Professional players admitted into the server such as SAHP etc. Staff are fun to play with and are indeed very very welcoming, I enjoy my roleplaying experience here as an Owner, Developer and Deputy Commissioner of the Highway Patrol.This server has potential and will most indefinable get far into the community :slight_smile:


So fun to play on this server. Great devs!


great enjoyable server wish i had screenshots but mine are bugged amazing server


This is MY station.


weekly community events guys .join the discord to join us on our next event ! promise you wont be dissapointed!


Come on down to First Class!!!