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LOL! holden, those US cellular pics! Appreciate the addition !


Best community I’ve ever been in. Totally recommend joining us and I look forward to meeting you guys! :smiley:



Love this server great guys great staff making sure it is a enjoyable experience


Jessica Rosen and James Captain being up to no good :eyes:


I don’t know where to start. I’ve been here for two months and counting and by far my favorite community. The coolest owners, people you can talk to, be comfortable, have fun, anything you can think of. I have made A LOT of friends here and have had a lot of fun, done several activities and such here as well.

We have hard working developers who have literally worked countless hours to ensure the server stays up and everyone is having fun. The staff team is very active, I see at least one or two in every session I am in.

I have numerous reasons as to why you should join this server. You’ll love it here. :slight_smile:


Dinosaurs in Sandy!


Check us out on TrackyServer!!!


showing his id at the club to get in XD




First Class Roleplay Community is a great community!