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Grand opening of The Mechnix Dealership at uTool on Friday! See you there :wink:


Best. Server. Ever.



went for some offroading




things is going down by the u-tool



racing going on here today!


living that High Roller lifestyle








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Last year, I was mobilized for the military and used to spend my free time watching this Fivem thing on YouTube. I had no idea what it was but I was hooked on watching the videos. I went out and bought a gaming laptop and downloaded all the necessary files.
The next day, I found First Class RP and played around in the server, amazed by the amount of roleplay going on and the quality of the characters. I was ecstatic, and a little nervous, and was directed on how to join the Discord and become a member.
Since then, I’ve fallen in love with this community and wouldn’t trade it for any other server. The people are great, the server sees new updates weekly, and the roleplay is limitless.
There’s a reason I never left my first server; I’ve explored the world of Fivem and it’s the best server out there!


Hey why dont you come and join us and RP with us today!