Fire/EMS Roleplay | Read Fully before "Applying"


Most servers are roleplay here on FiveM most are focused mainly on Police but claim to have Fire EMS etc. We created a pretty small group to do soley Fire/EMS roleplay and are looking for others who would be interested. The server is whitelisted. We do not have an application reply or PM me on the forums if you would like to join

In our server we have:

Custom Fire Department Assets
A Fully functional Fire Script
Custom Sirens/Engine Sounds
Scripthook Enabled (No death crash bug)
Personal Vehicles equipped with either Red lights + sirens or Blue Volunteer Lights.
Many scripts found in the resources section

We Require:

You have a reliable PC and Mic
Live somewhere in/near the American EST time zone
Speak English
Have Discord
Willing to install some plugins for server stability

PM me or comment below if you are interested in joining. is not your “formal” clan setup you will be invited to the discord where you will either prove you are mature and can RP well and respect the department structure or will be removed by moderators.

NOTE: We do not personally ban people soley based on the fact they are in a clan or are “double clanning” however your clan may not appricate you joining another server. Our discord is as secure as possible but we do ask you inform us if you are in a clan. We are not responsible if you are banned or suspended from another server.


Our overall goal is to have several departments around the map responding to different scenes or responding as mutual aid to the scene in another town / county People may also be CIVs in these scenes once we gather a lot of people.


Am very interested . Am a LT on,a heavy rescue. Am a nationally certified instructor. A member of state and fed USAR teams. I would love to see your resources . Haven’t found anything that is good yet.