Fire Chief looking for a dedicated roleplay community

Good day!

I am looking for a roleplay community! I have experience with managing big departments and I have had positions like Fire Chief, Assistant Chief and Paramedic with many different roleplay communities. I would hope that I can possibly be offered to be a Fire Chief or one of the positions within the Department Heads.

What I can offer:

  • Dedication, passion, professionalism and structure
  • Professionally made documents for Fire/EMS
  • Roleplay experience with Fire/EMS

What I am looking for:

  • Dedicated server
  • ELS vehicles (not necessary)
  • High quality emergency vehicle models

You can contact me via pm. :grinning:


I just sent a pm your way :smiley:

Hello there!

Interested in trying to work for a fully white- listed community? Well, send me friend request on Discord and we will go from there.

My discord is ZINKS123#1042.