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Hey! I see you reading our post and I welcome you to our server! Finity Life is currently in development and we want to start to grow our playerbase even before our servers are even up and running and with your support you can make that happen!

Finity Life, Where The Second Life Meets Reality.

We at Finity Want to create a experience like no other, we want you to feel like you are at home, we want to create a second family. We are Finity Life.

We will offer alot of features and hopefully some paid later on!

Finity Life started off as a Hosting Company known as Finity Hosting but we want to further it to FiveM and bring light to the FiveM Community by using our resources to create a experience that will never be forgotten. Finity Life aims to the life part of FiveM Roleplay meaning we will offer a roleplay that will feel like a second reality. We want to show people that our Law Enforcement can and will be like the real deal! We will have EMS and Fire that will respond and act like real ones.

Some People may Ask, What Departments do we offer? If you read on you will see what we offer and what departments are currently hiring!.

  • Los Santos Police Department - Currently Closed
  • Los Santos County Police Department - Hiring
  • Los Santos Fire Department - Currently Closed
  • Los Santos County Fire Department - Hiring
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation - Transfer Only
  • DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration - Transfer Only
  • ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department - Transfer Only
  • U.S Marshalls - Closed
  • Los Santos Bounty Hunters - Closed
  • Los Santos Medical Team - Hiring

What will be in our Servers?

We will be economy based so we have a few features.

  • EssentialMode
  • Possibly vRP or ESX
  • Custom Vehicles
  • ELS
  • EUP
  • Civilian Jobs
  • Trains!

Do we offer a CAD/MDT System for Police and Civilian Use?

YES! We do offer this, we have a external CAD that is hosted off our website. You will gain access to it when we accept you into our community. Screenshots are below.

If you are interested in our community go ahead and apply on our website!

Whats Required to join our Community?

  • Working Microphone
  • Working Teamspeak Client
  • Legal Version of GTA V with FiveM Client (Unless Dispatcher)
  • At Least at the Age of 15 Years.
  • Working Discord Client
  • Ability to Roleplay
  • Ability to Listen

Thank you for taking your time to read over our Server Advertisement, we look forward to seeing you in our servers!

Finity Life Staff



We will have our servers up very soon!