Find /locales/ files


What is the resources that writes messages when someone joins? image


Mellotrainer ? vMenu ? LambdaMenu ? If you don’t know what is on your server neither can we


I don’t know :frowning: I think LambdaMenu, but I think it’s my server and not LambdaMenu


In your server.cfg is sv_scriptHookAllowed to 1 or 0 ?


Even if the number and 1 or 0 the message is still there


Then it’s not LambdaMenu.

Do you have Mellotrainer or vMenu installed ?


I think no, do you’ve Discord?


Use the Find In Files function and search for ‘joined.’ in your ressources


I’ve 110 ressources so I will not try file per file :joy:


Then you should know what you installed…


Well, it’s very easy, go to your resources folder, and look for “mello” or “vMenu”.