{ FIND]I Want You ! ( Seeking developer and moderator for a gta online like)


Hi guys !

I’m going to create my server which will be a GTA online Like we are looking for developers to create new content to differentiate from the classic gta online (I want to create this to please people who can not have fun to piss off r * or their to compete) the developers will be responsible for creating the content every month I miss the machine that you dear friends of fivem and moderated side I would like people over 18 years to take care of the players and ban cheaters its a serious project

I leave you in case my pseudo discord is: MasterBenjitv # 2648 and you can also come to me in mp forum



hey stop by and ask for Jamie. https://discord.io/Syracuse-Police-Training-ServerTPCOC-Recruit-Server


Im find thanks you :slight_smile: