Final Destination DOJRP Public Server [Open Invitation]


Hello! Most people in our community know me as Forest.

We recently started up our new server and community roughly 4 weeks ago and it’s been GREAT!
I am so happy with how fast we got started as we just recently passed 300 members on our discord, we have a full server most of the day, although we are lacking some players during the EU daytime.

We have a lot of wonderful staff members, LEO and EU from around the world, so we are covered most of the day. We have 2 developers (myself included) that work hard to push new and better content for our members to enjoy. We are finally reaching the end of our “startup face” and feel we have reached a point where we can finally breathe again.

We have a lot of new features coming in the near future and we are so excited about it!

What are we looking for?
We want to invite anyone who are genuinely interested in generating quality RP for yourself and our community. We are, as I mentioned, lacking a bit of activity from the EU and would love to get some active people from EU, but of course, anyone is welcome! :slight_smile:

LEO and EMS applications are open, but I will recommend that you try out the server a bit before you apply, as we are interested in good roleplayers to fill those roles!

Community information
We are doing our best to listen to the voice of our community. This is why we have a weekly community meeting every single Saturday where we announce upcoming changes, bring up stuff we feel are important for the members to hear and we’re always ending the meetings with allowing everyone to ask questions that the staff and devs will answer to the best of their ability. Sometimes we do giveaways, like a custom numberplate for a car, giftcards and stuff like that.

The meeting starts Saturday @ 5PM EST, usually last about an hour.

In many cases, if we are going to make big changes, we are putting up community votes so we can see what the community think before we actually do it as there is no reason to do those things if it doesn’t benefit our members.

Want to join our community?