FileWatcher (Real Time File additions, changes, and removals) (with chokidar & path)


What this is:

  • JS system to watch files, and get the contents of the file on additions, changes, and removals.
  • Dynamic event based call back

FileWatcher is made in NodeJS with chokidar (watches files) and path (makes path’n easier).
It currently uses a function to register a Resource and a directory that you choose. It’s only setup to use one dir per resource at this time (It will change, need to find a better way to do onResourceStop, sometimes it just doesn’t work).



  • this.baseResource = ‘/resources/’; This is the path to your resources from the starting location of your .bat or .sh
  • this.GameModeDir = ‘’; If you plan to use some kind of sub folder this is where you would. If you leave this blank It’s ignored. Example “[system]/” requires / at end. Plan to make this dynamic.
  • this.debug = true; Set to false if you don’t want debug messages.

Exported Functions:

  • function createWatcher(resourceName, dir, fileType, encoding) | Register the resource with It’s name, the dir you want to watch, whitelisted file type (ex: “.json”), and endoding.
  • function removeWatcher(resourceName)

Dynamic Events:

  • “resourceName:watchedDirName:FileWatcherAdd” parameters: fileName, fileContents
  • “resourceName:watchedDirName:FileWatcherChange” parameters: fileName, fileContents
  • “resourceName:watchedDirName:FileWatcherRemove” parameters: fileName


  1. Create Resource named: ResourceName
  2. Create folder where you want to load your files: jsonfiles
  3. Use code below

Loading Jsonfiles:

console.log("[ResourceName] Waiting for FileWatcher...")
var FWTimeout = setInterval(FWTimeoutFunc, 5000);
function FWTimeoutFunc() {
	if (exports.FileWatcher.createWatcher != undefined && exports.FileWatcher.createWatcher != null) {
		exports.FileWatcher.createWatcher("ResourceName", "jsonfiles", ".json", 'utf8');
	} else {
		console.log("[ResourceName] Waiting for FileWatcher...")

onNet('ResourceName:jsonfiles:FileWatcherAdd', (fileName, fileContents) => {
	var jsonObject = JSON.parse(fileContents);
	console.log(`New File ${fileName}`);

onNet('ResourceName:jsonfiles:FileWatcherChange', (fileName, fileContents) => {
	var jsonObject = JSON.parse(fileContents);
	console.log(`Changed File ${fileName}`);

onNet('ResourceName:jsonfiles:FileWatcherRemove', (fileName) => {
	console.log(`Removed File ${fileName}`);


hmmm okay cool im testing it now


I have 3 resources using this at the moment to load json files everything seems to work fine let me know if you run into any issues!


Not really understand what does it do… :confused:


If you don’t understand then it’s not for you. The use for this resource is clearly stated in the OP.


This was once again a classic example of a brainless, rare answer from a child’s brain…you are the King for help Dude, better you play with Lego :wink: three posting and one of them JHodson1 oh sorry i mean senseless…


Basically exposes chokidar ( with events.

exports.FileWatcher.createWatcher(“ResourceName”, “jsonfiles”, “.json”, ‘utf8’);

The resource “ResourceName” will look in the folder “jsonfiles” for .json files.
I use it to update data (FileWatcherChange) for my resources real time with no resource restarts.

I can just change my .json file (teleport locations, spawn positions, etc) then it just updates in-game.


Lmao, thanks.


Lol, calm with the salt boi