FelitoRP - 17+ - CAD/MDT - Realistic Economy Prices - REALISTIC - Need Members/Staff/- Realistic Day and night cycle! - And MORE!



Welcome all you wonderful people i ask for just 5 minutes of your time to read this post and decide to ignore it or check us out! This is a new community, we do not have a stable player base we are looking to build this community! We need civilians and all ranks of LEO/EMS. We have tons of addons customized to our liking for the best realism experience. The majority of our cars have realistic top speeds, we do not have a overpowered police force which is faster then every car in the game. Our aim for this server is realism and with that comes a lot of work and most importantly the players.

What is there to do?

Well there is tons of stuff to do here in Felito, If you like making money there plenty of ways. The city has tons of jobs to offer and start getting that income! Take out a loan and start a business, or get a car.
However if you are more into the crime scene then you can go and sell drugs, rob banks/stores, steal cars and chop them up. However don’t get to risky the IRS will catch on to you and see all those nice cars and houses your buying with a job that dosent make the cut.
With that in mind you can also join a law enforcement department and fight the crime! Here in the state of Felito we have to offer the Los Santos Police Department, Blain County Sheriffs Department, San Andrea’s State Troopers/HWP and much more with time!

There is so much i want to do i just need the community here to do it!
Here is our discord for anyone who is interested!


Ill be awake all day today working on the server if anyone wants to hop in! :stuck_out_tongue:


Big updates, All we need now is a community please give us a shot!


Now we got a CAD!


test out the cad with this login!