Fax Core - Ace Based Permission System, Including Blacklisting of Cars, Peds & Guns [Fax-Core] [2.1]



Very nice. Seems to be a more effective system.



Thank you for this amazing script! I always felt skeptical with blacklisting scripts as I’ve had bad experiences with them.

Is there any way to allow supercars for guests? I looked through the code and I couldn’t really find anything that had to do with it. I probably just wasn’t looking hard enough,

Thank you once again.


Hello,how to open the admin main menu Fax Core in the game?


Fax Core does not have a menu…


no one can’t get into the car only admins ;/ can


Add them to the correct whitelist


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:



I’ve noticed a bug, in which players can bypass the blacklisting. I’m sure this has been reported before.

If a player changes into a animal player model, it just disables all blacklisting, making them able to spawn in anything.

Hopefully this can get fixed soon.



Hmmm. Frist report I have got about it. For now I would blacklist animal models until I look into it more…


Dunno if its just animals as I’ve lately caught people bypassing the blacklisting of vehicles. Unsure how at moment but some people are getting through the system.


Yea @Tommo-101, I noticed that anyone I put under member 2 or 3 are able to bypass all blacklisted models, and the ped blacklist doesn’t seem to word at all as any rank can spawn, for example, admin restricted peds, and others.


I’ll have a play with it today and see if I can remake it…