Favorite Part of FiveM vs. Least Favorite Part of FiveM



My favorite part of GTA-MP… no wait. I mean, Coop. No that’s not right. I mean, FiveMP… hmm close but something is still wrong. RageMP? no never again. Oh yea my favorite part of FiveM, there we go, is that you are still here!! My least favorite part will be when you make the little mistakes that add up to what your peers failed to do properly.

Also I like that you all take the time to fix the little things no one will ever take note of, and hope you continue to do so always. It is the little things that matter the most. It is the death by a thousand cuts that cost any game every player they will never see again.

“It was a great idea”, I’ve heard them say as they leave, “I just couldn’t handle the bugs, and crashes.” Fixing things is both the least favorite thing to do, and most favorite thing to have done. And it takes a special insight to see this. It is all that matters.


I like that its a good concept, i hate that less stable than the British goverment


I hate that OneSync isnt out and I love that they are actively working on OneSync. Oh and did I mention i hate that OneSync isnt out yet?


I hate all the god damn rp servers.


I love all the god damn rp servers. :sunglasses:


No. Just no. That’s not possible.


I love that you can use Javascript on the client. I hate that we cant use it on the server.

I love that they allow us to use CEF. I hate that damn flickering thing that just recently occurred (I’m sure a fix will arise sooner or later)

I love that they are keeping their word on OneSync and making sure its working before pushing it out to the public. I hate that it is making me anxious because I really wanna see what it is like XD.

I can keep the list going. But alot of them would be things I love and no hate. Keep up the good word honestly nobody in this world could say they dont care about the people who use fivem. I love that they have stuck with fivem no matter the people who drag them down and call them names for no reason and that they continue to fix FiveM and release updates to make it better.


My favorite Part of FiveM is the creativity that come from people, but my least favorite part is all of the DOJRP Copies.


My favorite part of FiveM is the fact we can resurrect awesome threads like this… because now that I know you’ve been playing GTA for over 20 years you should know the lovely detail that FiveM is still in alpha stages the last I checked so the fact that their are bugs, crashes and issues are bound to happen but wait, you knew that… 20 year vet.