Fatal Netcode | San Andreas Republic Roleplay


Hello, I’m Garrett I have decided to start a new Role-play community titled “Fatal Netcode | San Andreas Republic Roleplay” why? because I love the lore of San Andreas, and because I’ve been apart of communities that haven’t done a good job at running it, and other problems so I thought hey how hard can it be to not fuck up. I’m looking for police, EMS, Fire, and any other thing you can think of join the discord if your interested!

Why us?
Why join The San Andreas Republic, because we are gonna strive to do things that other communities don’t do. We have a very great foundation that needs help being built up if you hop on the band wagon early then who knows where you will end up in Our community. We do not force you to just play on our servers, come and go as you please. We are always open to new ideas that any member of the FiveM community has. The San Andreas Republic strives to be different from everyone else with us you can expect regular content updates, and this doesn’t include just new vehicles or ped skins, I’m talking framework, custom scripts, and many other things!

What we are looking for
The State of San Andreas is looking to fill roles in the following departments -
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff (Closed)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (Closed)
Los Santos Fire and Rescue (Closed)
Civilian Operations
If you want to join
If you want to join or find out hop on the Discord, or hit me up on the forums. Have an idea with this community? tell me!




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