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Hello and welcome to the Official Fatal Netcode FiveM server post. The community is new and hopes to accomplish something that most if not all servers do not do, and that’s sticking to the Lore of GTA 5. The server has all standard vehicles that you would find in GTA 5 with some new additions to the vehicles that still stick with the lore of GTA 5. if your interested or want to know more then please read on or hop on the Discord.

The LSPD is the Law enforcement within Los Santos. They deal with everything in the city and have multiple Sub-Divisions that co-exist with each other to create a safer and all around better Los Santos. The department will hire just about anyone with their motto being " Want to beat Minorities, and get a free gun? then join the LSPD!". The LSPD’s Tactics are tough to say the least but with the hardened criminal’s that lurk the streets of Los Santos. As of 1/1/18 The LSPD has gotten a new and updated vehicle livery for all LSPD vehicles.
Sub-Divisions -

LSPD - Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the back bone of the LSPD this is where every officer will be assigned to after the academy. The Patrol Division patrols all of Los Santos with the help of the other sub-divisions. Once an officer has reached the rank of Police Officer II, they will be given a choice to join another sub-division or stick with patrol. The patrol division has officer’s assigned to Standard patrols, foot patrols, Jailer duty, and many other positions within Los Santos.

LSPD - Homicide Division -

The Homicide division is mainly made up of detectives that investigate murder, or Homicide. The homicide division also has officers trained in crowd control, as well as investigating skills. The homicide division is stationed at the Rockford hills police station.
LSPD - Gang Division-

The gang division deals with everything gang related as well as narcotics. The gang unit patrols the Davis area of Los Santos. The gang division is trained in advanced weapons training, as well as riot control, and stealth. The gang division has detectives as well as undercover officers. The gang division sets up sting operations, including vehicle theft, drug trafficking, and others.


The Los Santos Sheriff Department patrols Los Santos, but is also in charge of Sandy Shores, Paleto bay and the surrounding areas. They have fewer officers, but have better survival training when it comes to shootings and such. The LSSD has fewer sub-divisions but more trainings.

LSSD - Detective Division -

The Detective division investigates any and all crimes that require investigating in the county. They have very few detectives but they work better as a team and they are a tight knit group.

Fugitive Recovery Agent’s

Fugitive Recovery Agent’s are tasked with tracking down and arresting fugitive’s with warrants. Agent’s Work for the state but also can contract out their skills as private investigators, Bail bonds Recovery Agent’s, and other lines of work.

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The US National guard is now open for recruitment. 3/3/18


Come join the discord almost all postions are open!


Come join the discord almost all postions are open!


Come join the discord almost all postions are open!


Come join the discord almost all postions are open!


Come join the discord almost all postions are open!