Fairview Roleplay [Need Civs] [Need Members] Lamda Menu, Custom Police Cars, HIRING STAFF



Thanks for checking us out. Our brand new Police Roleplay Economy server (Fairview Roleplay) is looking for members for our Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department, State Troopers, and Staff.

We are having a patrol tonight at 7:30PM Eastern Standard Time. We’ll be needing some civs to come in and help us out with RPing. If you’d like to join, even better. ALL CIVS MUST BE ON DISCORD.

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If you would like to join us, we’ve scrapped the traditional paper applications so all you need to do is connect to our Discord for a brief Interview to get started with us! Wait in the Applicant room and we’ll be with you shortly!

We’ve got custom made Sheriff, Fire, and State Trooper skins. Custom mods such as fuel, loadouts, etc.

If you’d like to be staff, you must be an active member of one of the three departments. If you’re not interested in Emergency Services, come be a Civilian!

The server is brand new and looking for suggestions which can be made on our forums.


Check Us Out!